Carte Blanche II Demo Projects - page 7
These pages 1-7 include example projects for experimentation with CBII, composed in Altium Designer 10 and/or Xilinx ISE12. Included are ported projects from the original CBI and peripherals, some new projects created to test CBII's capabilities and other general projects ported for experimental purposes. Please note these projects are works in progress and may have errors. If you're in a position to solve any bugs I would be very happy to include your solutions in these pages.

Note: .UCF and .BIT are included in the .ZIP of the downloadable AD project along with all the files required to compile using Altium Designer, as well as any source files used in creating/porting the project. All files required for porting to a different environment such as Xilinx ISE are supplied in the .ZIP.

All games are playable and interface to the Apple II keyboard. Keys are: A (up), Z (down), <-- (left), --> (right), X (jump/fire), C (coin), 1 (1 Player Start).
This project uses a readily available 26 pin breadboard break out adaptor to act as an Apple IIe 26 pin keyboard interface to CBII via the lower 26 ZIF interface pins. The project scans the keyboard reading and latching data into a single decimal register.
Download AD10 version - Original Project was composed in Altium Designer 10 (27009).
Various demo and test FPGA projects for Carte Blanche II
Uploaded: JUL.15
This project is the CBII Colecovision project with 63 cartridges stored in a ROM image on a M27C160 2MB external UV ROM, located in the external ZIF socket. Use the Apple II + (plus) and - (minus) keys to automatically select a new cartridge to play.
Download AD10 version - Original Project was composed in Altium Designer 10 (27009).
Uploaded: DEC.15