The Pseudo Disk ][ card brings to the Apple II (and NBIIAII with PB10) disk storage based on popular SD cards. By storing standard Apple 143k floppy disks as .NIB images on a standard FAT formatted SD card, the Pseudo Disk makes available an online ready-to-go library of Apple 143k floppy disk software for your real or soft Apple. Simply select and restart your system and the disk of your choice will boot.

Pseudo Disk ][ Controller Card
The Pseudo Disk ][ works with standard Apple II compressed .NIB images. These can be downloaded from sites in our "Links" section and prepared directly on your PC. Adding software to your Pseudo Disk ][ SD card is simply a matter of drag and drop. Once your SD card is loaded with your desired software, on bootup your Apple can select which image you wish to boot, and off it goes.

The Pseudo Disk ][ card features:

The Pseudo Disk ][ is complete and available for download.

Use and manage SD cards for mass .nib storage on your Apple II or Nanoboard II
The Pseudo Disk ][ Controller Card - Built around the Atmel MEGA88 MPU. The Green LED indicates a good volume is installed on the SD card
The Pseudo Disk ][ Controller card with a 256MB SD installed Inside an Enhanced Apple IIe
For more information about the Pseudo Disk ][, please click HERE.
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