The Apple II Slots Board brings to the Nanoboard all the hardware expansion cards available to the Apple II, IIe, III and IIgs computer systems. By adding the Slots Board  to your development environment, previous hardware cards for vintage Apple systems can be integrated into the soft Apple project. This gives the designer the opportunity to develop, emulate, duplicate and compare vintage hardware with new FPGA based replacement hardware. It also allows custom and hard to replace hardware to be included and used in a soft Apple setup, just like in the real Apple.
The Apple II Slots Board
During the Apple II era, a plethora of co-processor cards, video, accelerators, memory, printer, communications, audio and custom interface cards were made. These cards can now all be directly and easily interfaced to the Nanoboard via the Slots Board. This creates an ideal environment for developing and researching any Apple II-based system including the II and IIgs, or building that ultimate soft Apple system with full backwards compatibility.

The Apple II Slots Board adaptor features:

The Nanoboard II Apple II Expansion slot peripheral board has been completed and is available now for download. Click on the above links for Schematics and PCB source documents. This design has been created using Altium Designer Summer 08.

Bring your real Apple II cards into the Nanoboard II development domain
NBII AII Expansion Slot Peripheral Board without any Apple II cards populated
NBII AII Expansion Slot Peripheral Board with three PB12's and an Apple II card installed
PB10 brings the look and feel of a real Apple II to the development environment. By allowing you to plug up Classic Apple Hardware, you can develop and compare your soft Apple to the real thing.
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