The AppleLogic ASIC Adaptor provides a mechanism to interface custom Application Specific Integrated Circuits in any DIP package up to 40 pins to the development platform. By using 5V bilateral logic level translators, both 5V and 3V ASICs can be interfaced to any particular FPGA. Using a standard constraint definition file, the ASIC can then be included in the FPGA project or design.

ASIC Adaptor Peripheral Board
The AppleLogic ASIC Adaptor board supports a selectable target VCC power supply of either 3.3V or 5.0V. Using the jumper select banks the ASIC can then have any of the 40 pins configured as either GND or VCC. The remaining jumper pins not used become IO, and may be connected to a logic analyser to monitor device activity during development if required.

The ASIC Adaptor supports the following features:

The ASIC adaptor peripheral board is a completed project, and may be downloaded with full documentation.

Bring CMOS and TTL custom Application Specific Integrated Circuits into your Apple design
The AppleLogic ASIC Adaptor board with configuration jumpers to set VCC and GND to set up ASIC's and ROMS for NB2.
The AppleLogic ASIC Adaptor board with a 40 pin DIP IC installed.
Integrated: ASIC Adaptor boards bringing into the FPGA design space a real 65C816 hard processor and a real Apple IIe IOU Input/Output unit ASIC.
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