This project is for an Enhanced Apple IIe which includes several common peripherals as part of the build. It consists of the key components required to implement a fully functional Apple IIe and storage system.

The Apple IIe and IIe Enhanced
The IIe project comprises of a single .zip containing an Altium Project as well as several pre-compiled bit stream images ready to go. The IIe project supports cross vendor  targets including the Xilinx XC3S1500, the Altera Cyclone II as well as the Xilinx Virtex 4 SX and LX devices and may be re-compiled to suit the FPGA of your choice.

The soft IIe includes the following standard features:

The Apple IIe project has been completed to a functional state and is available for download to play with. The design is open to evolving, and any improvements you feel can be offered to this project would be very welcome. The current design is available as an Altium Designer Project.

DB30 Daughterboard
DB31 Daughterboard
DB36 Daughterboard
DB46 Daughterboard
Nanoboard 2
Altium Project Archive
Altium Design
FPGA Configuration Bitstream
Altium Schematic and PCB Archive
Peripheral Board PB01
Peripheral Board PB02
Peripheral Board PB12
Apple Model Number: A2S2128x
PBA01 or PBA02
Peripheral Board PB10


About this Project


For guides and tips on setting up the soft Apple IIe for the Nanoboard, this Getting Started Guide will help get you going.

Getting Started with the Apple IIe