Revision History
Original page composed - served as
ISP server moved from iinet to Veritel
New site planned - old site still in service
New site registered -
ISP server moved from Veritel to TPG
26.DEC.08 uploaded to new SSD server
- Primary Gatekeeper site for Novasar business and quotations
- Added side section: Unitron and Apple (II and 68k Macintosh) information
- Move to wireless service and static IP address
- Site design updated to include Apple II, III, and clones only
- Projects made available for download
- web site parked at HGWD server (still active 10.AUG.08)
- New E1/T1 service speeds for upload and downloads
- Updated site and test served
- Still requires work to add various missing content
01.JAN.09 live
- Updated site served
- Still requires final projects to be uploaded
- Projects and resume
- Previous site being phased out with Apple and various project information removed
Commenced work on downloads
- Added basic Apple IIe
Corrected errors in ASIC as well as other pages
- Thanks D.W. for your sharp spotting
Added Carte Blanche to site
- Final hardware and text completed
- Final Carte Blanche projects and source still outstanding
Updated final Carte Blanche specifications
- Final hardware design complete
- Carte Blanche specifications complete
- Added "Carte Blanche AII replacement cards" document
- Added more images to Gallery
Added Carte Blanche demo downloads
- Added Beta release bitstreams for Carte Blanche SVGA Card and Z80 card
- Upgraded WPM compiler to 3.12
- Little Jesse joined us today!
- Corrected spello's in Apple III section
Added Apple IIc Plus schematics
- Repaired several images
- Added "Slinky" 1MB Apple II card to PCB's
- Added Apple III SVGA Carte Blanche
- Added new chip vendors
Preparation for Carte Blanche
- Updated CB + added links
- Setup download area
- Added images to general gallery
Carte Blanche Setup Information
- Added Carte Blanche Setup Instructions
Added "Pool Pad Partner" project to sub page.
- Pool Pad Partner Version 1.07 to suit Nanoboard 3000 added to Applelogic sub page (or Click here to access the site)
Added "SRKH Designs" portfolio to sub page.
- This page is a database of the designs I have produced since 1990. (Click here to access the site)
ISP server moved from TPG to Network Soultions
- New 100Mb service speeds for upload and downloads
Created page for CBAVPB01 HDMI video card
- DVI/HDMI Digital Video card with audio for Carte Blanche
Created new pages for Carte Blanche II, CBII Projects, Expansion boards & Adaptor
- Next generation of Carte Blanche design with additional resources (downloadable projects, CBII IO, CBII ASIO, CBII C64)