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Pool Pad Partner is a  Pool Pad controller project designed to handle all the needs of the standard home swimming pool. The PPP features an array of functions that allow close to complete automation of the typical everyday activities of pool maintenance and operation. Designed around a standard off the shelf FPGA development board, the Altium Industrial Nanoboard 3000, the Pool Pad Partner is a low cost, flexible, configurable, expandable and reliable alternate solution to existing expensive commercial offerings and the perfect DIY project for pool enthusiasts.

General details and information regarding PPP's capabilities.
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PPP's IO specifications and operating requirements.
The key essentials to getting started with Pool Pad Partner.
Using Pool Pad Partner with your pool
Download and go, or tweak the design to suit your own needs or FPGA board. Pool Pad Partner is flexible and can be customised to power your pool pad installation.
Downloads to get you started:

All the key essentials. With AD and the Industrial Nanoboard 3000 set up on your PC, you are ready to download and start getting familiar.

Technical Information
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About the Pool Pad Partner design
Pool Pad Partner was realised and evolved as many designs typically do, as the result of a need and the lack of anything currently suitable on the market today.

New proposed features scheduled to be added to Pool Pad Partner.
Important information about pool regulations.